Andy Perez is a graphic designer, illustrator, comic book artist, and painter based out of El Paso, Texas. Utilizing the rhythm and beat of the music that resonates around him, he creates artwork that runs the gamut of modern urban style to magical realism. His artistic creations broadcast the passion that fills him to create and celebrate strength as well as beauty. Best known for co-creating and masterfully illustrating indie comic favorites Lonely in Black and The Afterlife Chronicles of a Zombie. Andy has also had his illustrations featured in the San Diego Comic Con Souvenir Book, as pin-ups for titles such as Madam Satan (American Dischord), Raised by Squirrels (Panel Press), in collaborative illustration themed art book Hells Bells (DOA Studios) and cover art for Spiralmind (Phi3 Comics). He has also composed digital color work for Malo (Rubberband Press Comics), sequential art for SEVEN (Blackline Studios) and digital art for coffee table book Voltron: United and Drawn (5FINITY Productions, in association with Moonstone Books and World Events Productions). Other comic book artwork includes original sketch card art for properties Hack and Slash (Image Comics), Lady Death (Mischief Maker Media, Inc. & Avatar Press, Inc) and Painkiller Jane (Event Comics) for 5Finity Productions. Through his art, he has been given multiple RIA Awards and has been honored three times as Best of the Best Local Artist in El Paso (What’s Up Publication). Most recently, he along with 114 other fellow illustrators were inducted into the Guinness World Records for Most Contributors To A Comic Book and Fastest Time To Produce A Comic Book. Perez regularly exhibits his illustrations and other artwork in various galleries and other public events such as comic book conventions and media expos. He has participated in several conventions and has paneled discussions about independent publishing and illustration. 
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